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blueEnergy helps to bring renewable electricity to the Rama-Kriol communities

By Casey Callais -- blueEnergy is proud to announce the completion of the largest-scale renewable energy installation it has yet to undertake. With funding and coordination assistance from Danida, Ibis, the Government of the Rama-Kriol Territory (GTR-K) and INATEC, blueEnergy successfully installed solar energy systems in the nine multi-purpose houses in the underdeveloped Rama-Kriol territory. This is a total of 4,725 watts, which will contribute to the community development and governance of the GTR-K.

Alex mounting a solar panel in the Rama village of Bankukuk
The villages that received installations were Rama Cay, Tik Tik Kaanu, Sumo Kaat, Wiring Cay, Monkey Point, Bankukuk, Corn River, Greytown and Makengue in the Indian River. Through these installations community members are now able to take part in various activities both day and night. They will also be able to run electrical equipment such as computers, fans, projectors, and radios. This will assist in facilitating communal and territorial actions. Computerized equipment can now be used to handle administrative records and the use of appliances will  provide services to people visiting the communities.

Lights on in Bankukuk
This project also provided technical training for community members so that they may perform the basic maintenance required of the systems themselves, allowing better upkeep, performance, and developed sustainable outcome.

Among these 19 locally trained operators is a technician who received INATEC-certified training and will be able to handle more complicated problems if they arise.

INATEC-trained technician with system in Greytown
And the response from the beneficiaries has been overwhelmingly positive. "(It) is more healthy to have this type of energy for the community people than to have those machines that make a lot of noise and a lot of contamination," said Basilio Ruiz, representative of the Rama people. "For us it's good to know that."

This nine-community installations for the indigenous and Afro-decendent people of the Rama-Kriol territory, along with the operator and technician trainings, are part of blueEnergy's mission of working toward a more equitable, sustainable world.

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