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RENOVABLES meets in Bluefields

By Lal Marandin -- On May 18th and 19th 2011, blueEnergy helped organize the Regional Conference (RAAS) of the National Campaign to improve the skills of Primary School teachers on "Energy Effiency and Renewable Energy" in Nicaragua.
Participants gathered around to listen

This major event was co-hosted by the Renovables Alliance (, the Ministry of Energy (MEM) and the Ministry of Education.

Over 100 participants, including 80 primary school teachers met during the two days in Bluefields, where they received general training on Energy, Energy Efficiency and the principles of Renewable Energy. On the second day, quite ironically, Bluefields suffered a major power outage, allowing blueEnergy to demonstrate very clearly the benefits of local and renewable sources, as eight Trojan Batterias and a 4kW Xantrex Inverter powered the computer, projector and many fans, allowed the activity to be completed in optimal conditions.

(left to right): Kenia Joiner (bE), Ing. Coralia Robbleto (MEM), Abdelia Aleman (Renovables), Lâl Marandin (Renovables y blueEnergy), Ing. Lucett Martinez (MEM, y Guillaume Craig (bE)