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bE Sponsors Welding Class to Build Local Capacity

By Casey Callais -- It was a long month, but blueEnergy is proud to have sponsored five local staff members to become certified welders through INATEC. Gilberto Funez, Alvin "Gutrie" McCrae, William Mendez, Hector Candler and Vladamir Pao all received their certificates for completing the fifty-one hours of classwork and practical training.

"This was a blueEnergy effort and I consider the thanks should be to them," said water technician Vladamir Pao. "I feel excited to have finished."

Pelen, William, Vladamir and Gilberto cut tubing
This will help strengthen blueEnergy's water and the energy teams, both of which rely on quality metalworking skills. The digging of wells requires constructing special bits from raw materials. Water filter molds are built from 3/8" plate steel and frames for solar installations are usually welded as well. This will speed up the process for building and repairing custom equipment for the field.

This was also the first time that INATEC was afforded the opportunity to try out the new classroom equipment since receiving it in 2011. The institution hopes to begin regular metalworking classes later this year.

Alvin "Gutrie" McCrea shows off his certificate

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  1. So good that this kind of opportunity are been offered to people who is interesting on improving their skills.