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Miss Nicaragua Press Conference

By Lal Marandin -- Miss Nicaragua 2010 Scharllette Allen Moses joined blueEnergy’s team in Managua to express her support to the efforts and dedication of the teams and the ground, and congratulate the NGO on its impact. In her own words, “blueEnergy and I have 2 things in common: we  are both born in Bluefields, and want to help the Caribbean Coast to break its cycle of poverty”. 

Miss Moses and blueEnergy gave a press conference to announce that she had agreed to travel to San Francisco to appear in blueEnergy’s 2nd Annual Taste of Nicaragua Gala and support the event on September 23rd 2010. On behalf of blueEnergy’s entire team in the RAAS, in Managua, the USA and France, co-founder Lâl Marandin expressed the honor and the gratefulness of blueEnergy family for Scharllette’s generous gesture and her offer to be an Ambassador of blueEnergy and the Caribbean Coast of Nicaragua.


Just to let you know that we'll be having a Press conference tomorrow at 8.30am in Managua to announce Scharllette's support to blueEnergy's Gala.