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Newsletter December 2008

blueEnergy powers its first rural clinic in Kahkabila

In December 2008 blueEnergy installed its first energy system for a rural clinic. The installation is in the community of Kahkabila, to the north of Bluefields and is used to power the doctor’s house, lights in the clinic, an asthma treatment machine and soon a vaccine storage freezer.
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The new hybrid wind/solar installation at the clinic in Kahkabila. The clinic serves approximately 500 people.
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Community members with the first wind turbine installation in Kahkabila in the background. The first installation provides power to two schools and a community center and serves as a community phone charging station.
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Members of the blueEnergy installation crew with the proud members of the community energy commission.
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The community of Kahkabila is incredibly thankful for the new installation.

BP Solar and Trojan donations power the National Technical Institute

In December 2008 blueEnergy installed a 1 kW solar power system on the campus of IPCC-INATEC, with a battery bank provided by Trojan Battery Company.
The new 1 kW solar array installed by blueEnergy, with a solar panel donation from BP Solar. The array is used for campus lighting.
The new 1 kW solar array installed by blueEnergy, with a solar panel donation from BP Solar. The array is used for campus lighting.
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Mathias Craig, Director of blueEnergy International, Guillaume Craig, Director of blueEnergy Nicaragua, and Dionisio Pavon, Director of the IPCC-INATEC in front of the power center, featuring a battery bank donated by Trojan Battery Company.

Induction into the Ashoka Fellowship

blueEnergy is honored to have been inducted into the Ashoka Fellowship in December 2008. Ashoka is a pioneer in the field of social entrepreneurship and supports a network of 2,000 entrepeneurs around the world, creating a transition to a society of "everyone a changemaker".
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Mathias Craig listens to Andy Lipkis, founder of TreePeople and member of the 2008 class of Ashoka Fellows. The class of fellows spent the day at the TreePeople’s ecological center in the center of Los Angeles. The center teaches people about natural water systems and how to conserve and protect the environment.
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Armando Laborde, Director of Ashoka Mexico and Barbara Kazdan, Director of Ashoka US, speak at the 2008 Fellows ceremony at the UCLA campus, in Los Angeles.
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The Fellows class of 2008 at the induction ceremony in Los Angeles.
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Mathias Craig received the fellowship certificate from Lucy Perkins, Diamond Strategist and CFO of Ashoka.