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A day with blueEnergy

By Nathalie Baudier -- For the last three years, Royal Sun Alliance (RSA) has organized an annual Charity Day. This is a day when the 23,000 employees at RSA in 33 countries stop their daily work and help an NGO.

This year in the RSA Paris office, Cécile Lacroix, Nathalie Baudier and Flore Lauret chose blueEnergy.

We chose blueEnergy because we believe in their focus on sustainable development work, and our talents met their needs. 
Cécile, Flore, Nathalie from RSA and Sarah from blueEnergy
Our mission was:

- Study blueEnergy website and give our impressions

- Translate English articles in French in order to publish them in the French newsletter.

- Create a list of French organizations with short-term volunteer missions, such as the blueEnergy Service Learning Internship Program.

- Make a list of potential web-links to connect with blueEnergy.

We enjoyed our day. It was wonderful meeting Sarah and Emilie and assisting them projects, which made us feel very useful.

Thank you blueEnergy France!

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