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bE France hosts another successful fundraising event

By Tom Louis Teboul -- Last February 9th, blueEnergy France carried out its annual fundraising event at the Comptoir General, one of the most interesting and original place in Paris, next to Canal Saint Martin and its romantic bridges. This year we decided to highlight the eco stoves: we raised around €6,000 Euros (about $8,000 Dollars) for this program, thanks to 200 people who attended the party!
Emilie Etienne explaining why our cookstoves
are the winners against diseases and deforestation
This fantastic event was divided in few acts to allow visitors to take time to discover blueEnergy and enjoy the party:

Les Flibustiers de l’Imaginaire, an improvisation theater company, created magic moments and underlined that this event would be an amazing night again. Simon Beaudoux started and thrilled us with poetry and powerful French lyrics. Les Génisses dans l’Maïs continued Simon Beaudoux’s strength and set fire with guitar and accordion. To end, Latinamundo band brought salsa’s heat into visitors’ feet.
Les Flibustiers de l’Imaginaire

To introduce people to Caribbean atmosphere, we had also Nicaraguan handicrafts for sell and a mysterious “wawashang cocktail” with the famous rum, Flor del Caña.

This blueEnergy France fundraising event was the perfect time to explain and present the large blueEnergy panel of activities. Volunteers were free to answer and to talk with visitors.

All participants confirmed that the event was an amazing moment and we thank you all for coming and partying for blueEnergy!

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