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Bluefields Residents learn about Water, Sanitation and Hygiene!

By Angela Cacciola -- Often, children carry out hygienic or “good-for-you” acts under parental guidance. However, in marginalized communities where the majority of children nor their parents understand or have ritualized sanitary practices, few enforce them.

At blueEnergy Nicaragua, it is not enough to build and distribute biosand water filters. In order for successful, sustainable use of the filters, people must believe in their benefits for their effective use. Thus, those interested in obtaining a biosand water filter for their household must attend a “Water, Sanitation and Hygiene class,” and then spend time in the blueEnergy workshop building their filter with blueEnergy technicians. blueEnergy feels this investment of resources through time and new-found education makes the filters more valuable to the beneficiaries who receive them.

blueEnergy recently held a Water, Sanitation and Hygiene class led by water and sanitation team leader, Thibaut Demaegdt, and team technicians, Vladimir Pao, William Mendez and Jayne Richards. Below is a photo journal of the class given with some of the content attendees learn:

Jorge examines the booklet on water sanitation.

Attendee holding up a bottle that appears to have clean water.

The class comes up with various diseases and their contamination sources

Thibaut Demaegdt leading the class

Attendees building their own biosand water filters

Beneficiaries outside the blueEnergy workshop, ready to bring their filters home!

Rodriguez family in their home with the water filter they built!

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