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Maypole Trip: Experience Caribbean Culture and Support blueEnergy's Work!

An invitation from blueEnergy co-founder and Executive Director, Mathias Craig, to come participate in the biggest festival on Nicaragua's Atlantic Coast and support blueEnergy's work in the region!  

I want to invite you to join us in supporting blueEnergy's work in Nicaragua while exploring the unique and colorful culture of the Caribbean Coast on display at the Maypole festival.

Often called “deh carnival” by the locals, the Maypole festival in May is a hybrid festival that traces its roots back to both the English May Day rites and the indigenous worship of Mayaya, the goddess of fertility. This clash of rituals has given birth to the sexiest celebration outside of Rio - see a few highlights here:

Our team on the ground will plan an engaging itinerary that will give you a chance to learn more about blueEnergy, contribute to some of our ongoing projects and experience the amazing local culture.

We have created a Facebook event for this unique trip opportunity, with more information on the Maypole festival, dates and associated costs.  If you do not use Facebook and would like more information, please contact me at

I hope you can join us!

Warmest wishes,

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