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blueEnergy Efficiency Report: Bluefields, Nicaragua

By Jess J. Goddard -- In the energy-lingo of today, “energy efficiency” is a buzzword that permeates policy aiming to reduce costs, lower greenhouse gas emissions, and work toward a better balance between demand and supply side management. So far, most of us are aware of how energy efficiency might benefit a country like the US, where demand is high, the grid complicated, and fossil fuels a source of constant debate.

This article of the blueNews is eager to share the findings of Dan Conner, a recent blueEnergy intern, and his colleague Craig Jacobson from Unity Technical Consulting (UTC). Dan spent two weeks in the field researching what energy efficiency means in a decentralized and low-energy demand setting like Bluefields, Nicaragua. Upon completion of his internship, Dan worked closely with Craig to analyze the data and produce a comprehensive report, “Keys to Energy Efficiency,” on the state of blueEnergy’s energy usage in Bluefields.

The report focuses on “climate-specific energy audit techniques” to recommend energy and cost saving strategies that foster conservation efforts. Their investigation of five blueEnergy properties provides blueEnergy with an up-to-date analysis of the company’s energy consumption, equipment, costs and pricing structures. blueEnergy would like to thank Dan Conner and Craig Jacobson of Unity Technical Consulting for their contribution to blueEnergy’s energy strategy moving forward. Please see the full report here.


  1. I am so impressed for the work you have done and make mention quite often of Mathias Craig and Blue Energy as an example to how an individual can impact our world for the benefit of others. I am a pastor in Washington State and I produced a PowerPoint for sharing what Blue Energy, Kiva and others are doing. Keep up the good work!

    Larry R Schoonover

  2. Larry,

    Thank you so much for the support! blueEnergy continues to make progress towards our goals despite the many challenges we experience along the way. It is because of the support of people like you that we continue to persevere and expand our impact.

    We would love to see your PowerPoint. If you wouldn't mind sharing, please send it to

    Many thanks,