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Alumni Spotlight: Mike Dow

By Jess Goddard -- blueEnergy is constantly looking to continue its relationships with intern and volunteer alumni, and this alumni spotlight feature looks at what one intern has done since working abroad withblueEnergy. Mike Dow interned with blueEnergy for five weeks between May and June of 2010, updating and expanding the Maintenance and Operation Manual for training new wind turbine workshop employees in Bluefields, Nicaragua. Mike also aided the technical teamtohelp assemble the first 14 foot turbine prototype – from balancing the blades to hoisting the turbine up and watching the wind turn the blades for the first time – “a very rewarding and memorable moment.”
Mike Dow with the 14' diameter turbine

Mike’s passion for renewable energy and emerging enterprise continues to define his day-to-day life as an MBA student at the University of Colorado at Boulder. The opportunity to apply classroom knowledge to a unique real-world setting and gain exposure to blueEnergy’s community development model provided Mike with an interdisciplinary experience that prepared him for industry in the US.

Such an influence has affected Mike’s choices in pursuing his MBA in Boulder; he writes: “There is a great amount of renewable energy action going on here, from businesses to nonprofits, government laboratories to academia.” He is currently working with a local PV solar installation company and aspires to engage in local energy politics. We look forward to keeping in touch with Mike and encourage our current and past interns to do the same—he made sure to let us know: “My door is always open to bE alums!” blueEnergy wishes Mike Dow the best of luck in 2011!

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