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Your Spring Break Adventure Starts Here!

Every year blueEnergy invites university students to escape their comfort zone and join us on the Caribbean coast of Nicaragua for a spring break adventure unlike any other. We brave the elements to bring clean water and solar energy to the residents who live on less than $2 a day, we speak Creole English, Spanish and Miskitu, we love our work and we want you to be a part of it.

Raising the solar panels in Rocky Point

This year we plan to continue installing solar panels in Rocky Point, a small creole farming community that blueEnergy has been working with for over a year. The beneficiaries are very grateful for the gift of light and you will see what an amazing difference a few lightbulbs can make in the lives of these families!

Loving the light in Rocky Point

But this doesn't just benefit the families in Rocky Point. You too will see the benefits of the install! Our students will learn the basics of installing solar panels, from determining location to domestic wiring to connecting the control panel and everything else needed to perform small-scale rural electrification. They will learn about the local customs, languages and traditions in addition to getting an up close look at what life is like farming in the jungles of the Caribbean coast!

Students helping locals install solar panels in Rocky Point

But renewable energy isn't the only help that blueEnergy provides. We have a complete Water, Sanitation and Hygiene team that is dedicated to bringing clean water to families by building bio-sand filters and digging wells.

bE director, French ambassador and Corn Island mayor all admiring one of blueEnergy's wells in Bluefields

The blueEnergy spring break itinerary looks a little something like this:

Day 1: Welcome orientation and site visits in Bluefields

Day 2: Water filter construction / WASH course

Day 3: Improved wells site visits and hands-on work

Day 4: Solar class and install preparation

Day 5: Trip to rural community (sleep in rural community)

Day 6: Installations of system return to blueEnergy

Day 7: Reflection sessions and wrap up

Teaching hand washing to children on the island of Rama Cay

Imagine your spring break spent building, installing, teaching, interacting and living the Caribbean coast of Nicaragua. This is far from the ordinary and if the extraordinary is what you are looking for, send you application today!

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