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Give the Gift of Light!

Rocky Point is a poor isolated creole farming community of sixty families situated between the villages of Kukra Hill and Pearl Lagoon on the Caribbean Coast of Nicaragua. Power lines follow a dirt road that cuts through the community on the way to Pearl Lagoon, but no electricity is available in Rocky Point. It is too expensive to build the local electricity infrastructure. Rocky Point families are left in the dark.

blueEnergy works to bring solar installations to families living in Rocky Point so that they may benefit from the possibilities associated with electricity. Each family contributes to the installation and attends trainings to learn how to operate their home system.

Mr. Pelmon and his family live in Rocky Point. They are devoted, very devoted, to their faith. They do not have much else to cling to aside from the small shack that houses the family. A cooking pot and a machete are their most valuable possessions. There is no running water, they have no bathroom and until recently, they lived completely in the dark.

"The work that you come and do here, we have been thankful for it.” Mr. Pelmon tells blueEnergy. "My wife bakes bread and she can work in the night here. If it wasn't for your goodness we wouldn't have that light work in the night."

In May of 2012 Mr. Pelmon and his family received a solar panel system from blueEnergy. They now live without the threat of open flames from candles and gas-burning lamps. Light has opened the opportunity for the family to earn extra income baking bread after the daily farm chores are complete. And most importantly for Mr. Pelmon, this light allows him to gather with his family in the early morning and eveningto sing from the old hand-me-down hymnbook.

Give the Gift of Light and help blueEnergy provide 10 more home solar installations to families in Rocky Point just like Mr. Pelmons' - that will otherwise live in the dark.

Double your impact! Your new or increased gift (over last year) will be matched dollar for dollar up to a total of $20,000 by the Edgerton Foundation.

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