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5 Questions with Local Interns, Violeta and Jader

By Casey Callais -- I recently sat down and interviewed two local Bluefields interns who have been working with blueEnergy for several months. Violeta Quintana is in her last year of her ecology and natural resources studies at the BICU and is working with blueEnergy's water and sanitation team. Jader Peralta is finishing his last year studying accounting and finance at the BICU and has been working for four months in the blueEnergy accounting office (all questions and answers have been translated from Spanish).
Q&A with  
Violeta and Jader


How would you describe a normal day working with blueEnergy?
A normal day of work with bE is a day full of new challenges and new experiences. 

Work with blueEnergy is very nice. When you arrive to the office you punch your card, greet your coworkers and share a quick joke that makes everyone laugh. When we start working, we ask for information from our coworkers that will help us complete our daily functions and if there is any problem in the management of the activities, help is asked from our superiors. We try to efficiently complete everything that is within our reach. 

What have you learned during you time with blueEnergy?
I learned to develop my abilities to work with teams and also work on the projects with empathy, effort and sacrifice. 

During my time with blueEnergy, I have gained much knowledge in accounting since it is an area where I develop well and I have liked it. I have met a lot of people and learned to identify the problems that can challenge an organization. To erradicate those problems takes big solutions. 

What are some of the challenges you have had to overcome working with blueEnergy?
One of the biggest challenges I have had to overcome was the combination of my university classes and work with blueEnergy, but at the same time it was something I could overcome daily and it is satisfying. 

One of my challenges has been to keep updated all of the information that is within my reach. In accounting there are always problems with complying with the internal controls and it is necessary to maintain daily the finance and administrative information so that the bE directors can make decisions based on accurate finance information. 

What are some of the highlights of your time with blueEnergy?
One of the biggest highlights with my experience with bE is that I can be part of and collaborate with the Water and Sanitation Program, learn day to day about all the equipment and above all this experience has helped me very much in my career path and personal development. 

I had been working with the workshop with updating the checking in and out of materials. It is a big and delicate process and for me it's a challenge to efficiently achieve. It is part of my training and there isn't a better way to achieve what I like and want and this is what I like. 

How has your experience with blueEnergy helped prepare you for your future?
The experience with bE forms an important part of my professional development; it has been a great opportunity that will open the way to new experiences, challenges and opportunities.

Very important. While I could help blueEnergy in the area of controls, I strengthened my knowledge and have been involved in the working world. 

Many thanks and it was a pleasure to answer your questions. 

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