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French ambassador to Nicaragua visits blueEnergy

By Casey Callais -- Witness blueEnergy's impact firsthand, meet the movers and shakers of Bluefields and introduce himself to the coast, these were the main goals of Mr. Antoine Joly, the newly appointed French Ambassador to Nicaragua, during his recent visit to Nicaragua.

Upon his arrival, Mr. Joly was welcomed by the blueEnergy team and immediately began a two-day visit in Bluefields. His stay involved meeting with the mayors of Bluefields and Corn Island, an introduction to Franklin Brooks, Secretary of Economics for the Regional Government and Carla Martin, Sandinista government official. Mr. Joly also met with heads of the Bluefields police force and members of the municipal and regional government. These meetings were designed to provide Mr. Joly with a glance into the challenges and successes of  local communities, as well as to give Mr. Joly an opportunity to extend a warm handshake from France. Mr. Joly was a strong leader in the delocalized cooperation movement while serving as Director of Services for the mayor of Cannes, France; he believes strongly that municipal governments should be allowed to work independently of the national government when it comes to making decisions about foreign aid.

Guillame Craig (far L), Antoine Joly (L), Frankling Brooks (R), Carla Martin (far R)
Mr. Joly toured the neighborhood of Pancasan where he toured homes and saw blueEnergy water filters and community wells. Beneficiaries provided technical demonstrations of the water filters and wells and discussed the positive impact this technology has on overall health and quality of life.

bE Nicaragua Director Guillaume Craig (L), French ambassador to Nicaragua Antoine Joly (C), mayor of Corn Island Webster Cleveland (R) with bE staff and well beneficiaries (far R and behind)
Capping off the second and last day, blueEnergy presented its regional water and energy work to delegates of the local government and regional council while Mr. Joly pledged France's help with local development projects.

Photo album of French Ambassador to Nicaragua, Mr. Antoine Joly's trip to Bluefields, Nicaragua.

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