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The Poison of the Social Sector: Interviews with Mathias Craig

For all of those interested in the philosophy of what drives blueEnergy, check out the following interviews with CEO Mathias Craig by Daniel Ben-Horin, founder of Techsoup:

Over on the Stanford Social Innovation Review blog, I will soon publish a post entitled “Innovation Obsession Disorder”. My basic point is that we get all hot and gooey about great innovations but we tend to lose interest after the innovative pilot has been launched. The world is full of great innovative projects that can’t move beyond the pilot stage. And we, the world, are the losers.
Building a Better Filter Isn't What's Holding Us Back

Today, I follow yesterday’s post with Mathias Craig’s analysis of the issues surrounding innovation in the social sector, especially as that innovation is applied to benefit the poorest, most isolated populations.
“You can either lose fast or win slow”
blueEnergy takes growth very seriously.  But there are many different ways to grow.
Growing and Scaling Impact

Why should inventing new things be a priority over just making existing solutions work in new places? 
-Mathias Craig
Read Daniel Ben-Horin's take on innovation vs. propagation and join the conversation:
Innovation Obsession Disorder

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