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Installing a biodigester in the wee hours

This has been cross-posted from MIT's CoLab Radio blog.

By Angela Hojnacki -- After two weeks of researching and planning several waste management strategies for the municipality of Bluefields, the “Biodigestors” team, stayed an extra week to implement a small-scale biodigester. A biodigester is machine that processes organic waste, like food and animal waste, into methane, a gas used for cooking. The ‘team’ is a subset of students from the D-Lab Waste class who studied biodigestion all semester and completed this project to earn grad credit. We built the biodigester in partnership with blueEnergy, an NGO based in Bluefields that implements wind and solar energy projects along the Caribbean coast of Nicaragua, and Colon, a local high school. more at CoLab Radio

Biodigester at Colon High School in Bluefields

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