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blueEnergy’s Work Highlighted This Month in the Green Frog

By Emily Castello - This month, blueEnergy Executive Director Mathias Craig was featured in The Green Frog, a Silicon-Valley based media publication that features articles on social entrepreneurship, cleantech innovation, venture capital and energy policy. What do you really know about the evolution of blueEnergy? Read on to learn more!

From traveling with a linguist to connecting under-served populations with basic energy and water services: do you know Mathias Craig?

Sometimes you meet someone who goes after a big idea and can enthuse his family, friends and others to join the adventure and to make a difference in this world.  It does not happen that often. Maybe more often than none in Silicon Valley, where Apple and Google started in family garages. That is what happened to me when I interviewed Mathias Craig who co-founded blueEnergy with his brother Guillaume and his childhood friend Lâl Marandin to bring basic energy and clean water services to poor population off the grid.

By the end of our chat, I could not help caring about his cause because his passion is not just about finding a technical solution or helping others. It is about connecting people, and this goes beyond infrastructure. More than 1.5 billion people still do not have access to electricity. Actually there are more people without basic lighting today than at the time of Thomas Edison. Some populations like the ones on the Caribbean Coast of Nicaragua live outside the pyramid, with little resources and in remote areas. That is where Mathias and blueEnergy come in to play.

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