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Evening of Support 2011 was a great success!

By Julie Petrucci --The annual blueEnergy Evening of Support, which gathered approximately 200 guests, took place at the Comptoir Général, Paris. According to its projects 2011, blueEnergy went with a water theme and invited people to sponsor a bio-sand water filter.

Several highlights of the evening: tasting of wine of the Domaine Modat, a close-up magician, theater of improvisation of the Flibustiers de l’Imaginaire, the Mezcla del Paris and their flamenco rhythms, and to finish, les Génisses dans l’maïs playing a tune of gypsy jazz.

The joke of the evening was a little "present from Nicaragua". It was labeled as a bottle of water filtered by blueEnergy bio-sand filters, but in reality, the water was from a French spring!

The evening was a success for blueEnergy, thanks to the support of the participants, our financial partners, Alto and Drillscan, the Domaine Modat and the bakery " Certains l’aiment chaud ".

Thank you!

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