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blueEnergy hosts Solar Energy International workshop

Wrapping up the end of the 2010, blueEnergy was proud to host a December workshop held by Solar Energy International (SEI). SEI is a non-profit leader in renewable energy education and training.

The six-day workshop was comprised of both lectures and hands-on work, as well as a trip to Kahkabila to help blueEnergy perform much-needed maintenance on the community's turbine installation.

The first several days were spent learning about blueEnergy, the communities we work in and the problems they face. The SEI group was given the opportunity to begin carving turbine blades and try their hand at winding stator coils. They also helped prepared the blades for Kahkabila's replacement turbine.

On the fourth day we brought the replacement turbine to the community of Kahkabila. The SEI team was set to change the old turbine to the upgraded blueDiamond 4 model, replace rusty guy wires and perform standard battery maintenance. Led by the blueEnergy's technical coordinator, Pedro Carvalho Neves, the SEI team worked all day for nearly three days, eating meals in shifts, and learning first-hand the challenges of working in communities in Nicaragua's Atlantic coast.

blueEnergy and Solar Energy International work to replace the turbine in Kahkabila

Kahkabila locals assist with replacing the tower sections

Tightening the nuts on the replacement blades 

After returning from the community, the SEI participants spent the last two days learning about other blueEnergy programs and worked to build a biosand water filter, as seen in the following video:

Both blueEnergy and the Solar Energy International participants throughly enjoyed the week-long workshop. It was a great opportunity to perform much-needed turbine maintenance with the advantage of so many helping hands, as well as a chance to educate about the needs of communities on the Atlantic coast of Nicaragua. 
SEI participants and blueEnergy volunteers in Kahkabila

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