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Miss Nicaragua Makes her First Trip to San Francisco, to Support blueEnergy’s 2nd Annual Taste of Nicaragua Gala

By Lizzie Reisman -- This year’s Miss Nicaragua pageant winner, Scharllette Allen Moses visited San Francisco for the first time this month to support blueEnergy and promote her platform of creating a brighter future for Nicaraguan children.

Miss Nicaragua 2010 with current and former bE staff
Miss Moses’ visit to San Francisco was planned to coincide with the 2nd annual “Taste of Nicaragua Gala”, a fundraising event for blueEnergy’s renewable energy and sustainable development work in Nicaragua. Miss Moses, who was born and raised in Bluefields, has known about and supported blueEnergy’s work for years. "I'll be the face and voice of Nicaragua, especially in my country where [blueEnergy is] carrying out these projects,” she said in a press conference in Managua on September 7.  “My mission will be to provide more for the development of this region." 

Miss Moses arrived in San Francisco on Wednesday, September 22, 2010 and attended the “Taste of Nicaragua Gala” at the Officer’s Club in 1 Fort Mason the following day. Outside of her support for the Gala, her trip was filled with many other exciting events. Miss Moses arrival in San Francisco caught the attention of many media outlets in the Bay Area, and she gave one-on-one interviews at Estrella, Univision, and Telemundo. A separate press conference was organized for other media personnel, including El Reportero and Miss Moses also visited the Oakland Children’s Hospital and Research Center where she surprised and brightened the day for many of the children undergoing treatment there. Her time in San Francisco was very well spent, as Miss Moses hopes to return to San Francisco in the future.

blueEnergy was honored to have Miss Moses’ support during and after the Gala.

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