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Newsletter December 2007

blueEnergy launches “2 Million hours of light” campaign!

Over the last two months people rallied all around the world to help blueEnergy win the CNN Heroes Viewers’ Choice Awards. While blueEnergy did not win the official $25,000 prize, with your help, we will raise the money at the grassroots level and give Nicaraguans the victory they deserve. The “2 Million Hours Of Light” campaign aims to raise $25,000 before the end of 2007 to help blueEnergy bring light and opportunity to more than 100 new beneficiaries on the Caribbean Coast of Nicaragua.
Please consider joining in this campaign and making a donation of any size, even as low as $1!
To increase your impact you can honor your friends or loved ones by making a donation to blueEnergy in their name and helping blueEnergy light up a dark place. This holiday season, don’t just give another thing, give the amazing Gift Of Light.
You can also request that for the holiday season, or any special occasion, your friends and family donate to blueEnergy in lieu of giving you material gifts. If you feel fortunate in this life, this is a great way to share with others in need.
CNN Heroes CNN viewers’ choice awards results announced

The results of the CNN Heroes Viewers’ Choice Awards vote were announced on December 6th, during CNN’s live global broadcast hosted by Anderson Cooper. Pat Pedraja was selected as the CNN Heroes Viewers’ Choice in what must have been a close race. Our congratulations to Pat and the rest of the finalists for their amazing work.
From Mathias Craig: “I have been amazed and moved by the level of support we have received during this campaign. People from all over the world mobilized to vote for blueEnergy and Nicaragua, and the entire experience was an eye opener for me and all of the blueEnergy staff and beneficiaries. I speak for all of blueEnergy when I say - thank you for all your efforts. Your time and dedication have been an inspiration and we look forward to carrying this momentum forward. Please consider joining our ‘2 Million Hours Of Light’ campaign to give Nicaraguans the victory they deserve.”
The results of the blueEnergy Voting Picture Contest were also announced with Jordan Pfeifer winning the grand prize with his “Hulk Smashes The Competition” masterpiece.
blueEnergy partners with MissionFish and eBay GivingWorks

blueEnergy has partnered with MissionFish and eBay GivingWorks to create a new source of revenue. The partnership allows sellers on eBay to designate blueEnergy as the charity to receive a portion of their auction receipts on selected items.

If you are a seller on eBay and would like to donate a portion of your proceeds on selected items to blueEnergy, please visit herefor information on how to get set up.
If you are interested on bidding on eBay items that are being listed to benefit blueEnergy, please visit here.
Social Edge blueEnergy’s Mathias Craig to be a featured blogger on

Social Edge is the global online community where social entrepreneurs and other practitioners of the social benefit sector connect to network, learn, inspire and share resources. Starting this month, Mathias will join other bloggers of note on the, including Matt Flannery of and Sam Goldman of d.light, to discuss the specifics of the blueEnergy experience and the broader issues and opportunities faced by social entrepreneurs.
Philip Montalbán blueEnergy’s 4th birthday Celebration

blueEnergy will host a musical celebration for it’s 4th birthday in Bluefields, Nicaragua, on December 15th. Philip Montalbán, of Soul Vibrations fame, will headline the event with Caribbean Taste. Along with other musical acts, the event will include a tour of blueEnergy’s shop and an explanation of how the hybrid wind and solar energy systems work. For more information, contact [>mailto:].

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